SEMI-FINALS HERE WE COME! - International FUSE Cup Mario Kart Tournament

On the 19th of October, 4 talented grade 5 and 6 students took on schools across Asia in a 4-race Grand Prix in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on the Nintendo Switch. Each player took turns racing in the 4-race Grand Prix where the team with the most points at the end would advance into the finals which is expected to take place on the 2nd of November!

Ryan, Stephan, Oscar and Gianluca all displayed immeasurable critical thinking skills, problem solving and quick, decisive decision making to come out on top on their respective Heats against 5 other schools with students ranging from Grade 5 to Year 8. Ryan and Stephan teamed up to play in Heat 1 while Oscar and Gianluca joined together to play in Heat 2. The organisers for this competition were The FUSE Cup who also hosted our online friendly Mario Kart tournament back in Term 1 which we ended up winning as well as the Teachers/Parents Mario Kart Tournament which Mr Tang ended up winning! Click on the corresponding hyperlinks above to read all about it!

Due to some technical difficulties, Heat 2 took place first with Oscar and Gianluca representing Team Silverton! Both students brought out their A-game and really showed their skills by taking 1st place in the first 3 races and 2nd in the 4th and final race which led to an incredible 24 points finish by the end of it. With the amount of points they obtained from the first 3 races, Oscar and Gianluca had already guaranteed a spot in the finals, but that didn't stop them from giving their opponents the respect of a challenge! Congratulations to both Oscar and Gianluca for making it through to the semi-finals! Now let's see how our team in Heat 1 went!

After winning Heat 2 with a comfortable point difference, the pressure was on for every school to try and get their teams into the finals! Ryan and Stephan weren't going to let the opportunity slip through their fingers and displayed excellent driving skills and decision making to beat the other schools by a very small margin. Western Academy of Beijing and Silverton PS contested for 1st place multiple times over multiple races. By the end of the 3rd race, both WAB and Silverton tied with 15 points each! The pressure was on for Ryan to not only complete the 4th and final race, but to finish it ahead of WAB who have consistently shown exceptional skills in both Heat 2 and Heat 1. It was an intense 3 laps where the lead constantly changed between all schools. Just before the final turn, both WAB and Silverton got taken out by a red shell by another school! It was down to who could run the tightest line and finish ahead! Silverton and WAB were neck-and-neck by the end, but due to a critical error from WAB where they drove onto the grass, Silverton was able to finish ahead and win the Heat by 1 point!

If you would like to see the moment that won it all at the end for Heat 1, feel free to watch the Twitch clip by clicking on the hyperlink. We want to say a MASSIVE THANKS to The FUSE Cup for hosting this tournament for our students to play in and thank all schools that participated in Heat 1 and Heat 2.

Now that all Heats have been played, the top 9 teams will race it out in two semi-final brackets! The top 2 teams with the most points from each semi-final will make their way to the Grand Final to determine the winner of the International Mario Kart School Competition! Good luck Silverton! All races will be live-streamed on The FUSE Cup's Twitch page at the scheduled times above!

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