Visual Arts

At Silverton Primary School, we understand that immersing our students into a rich and diverse Visual Arts program is integral to the development of their ‘creative’ self. Our students learn to foster critical skills and an understanding of aesthetics, while developing an appreciation of visual thinking, cultural change and the importance of art and design in a multicultural society. Students are encouraged to explore their talents and passions. They have the opportunity to do this through working in a variety of two and three dimensional mediums as well as Digital Media. At Silverton Primary School, we work as a whole school community to showcase our students' artwork in a bi-annual Arts Show.



In 2020 we held our first ever Virtual Art Show. Please click links below to view some of the students inspring pieces.


LC1 - Presentation LC1 - Grade 1 / 2

LC2 - Presentation LC2 - Foundation

LC3 - Presentation LC3 Grades 3 / 4

LC4 - Presentation - LC4 Grades 5 / 6

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