Recent News

Canteen Update

As we strive to take steps to becoming more healthy and reduce our plastic waste, there will no longer be any soft drinks available from the canteen. There are a number of drinks still available such as water and juices. Zooper doopers will now only be available on special occasions.

Second Hand Uniform Sale

During our book fair this week, we are holding a Second Hand Uniform sale in Learning Centre 5. All items are a Gold Coin Donation.This will run Wednesday 24th May and Thursday 25th May, before and after school.

Book Fair

Lamont Book Fair is on Monday 22nd May to Thursday 25th May in LC5 before and after school. There are some great bargains.

Wonder Recycling Rewards

Our school is taking part in the Wonder Recycling Rewards campaign this term.PLEASE help us collect bread bags so we can earn points to redeem on new RHSports equipment.A Collection box is in the front office.


Open Night Tuesday 23rd May

All future and current families are invited to our Open Night on Tuesday 23rd May.BBQ starts at 5pm, with learning centres open from 5:30pm. We will be having students perform on the night and a book fair. We look forward to seeing you there.


Marine Ambassador Program

Each year we ask students from Grade five and six to apply to be part of the Marine Ambassador program and only 12 students are selected.Click to learn about their excursion to Portsea Pier