School Profile

SILVERTON PRIMARY SCHOOL is situated in Jackson's Road Noble Park North, Victoria, Australia, amidst an established residential area of the City of Greater Dandenong. The school currently has an enrolment of 500 students.


Silverton has a diverse cultural and socio-economic student demographic and is an accredited school for taking international students. The school's philosophy is based around the need to maximise children's potential and prepare them for an ever changing world. We have developed a school ethos which encourages independent, child-centred learning where children are decision makers and take responsibility for aspects of their learning in an authentic environment. Our prime objective is to enhance the nature of teaching and learning and the relationship between our teachers and students.


The school has won many awards and has been recognised locally, nationally and internationally for its high standards of learning, innovative pedagogy and high use of ICT to support the children in their learning including state of the art television studio, FM radio station and sound recording studio. The creative arts including instrumental music, visual arts and dance are highly respected.

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