MR TANG IS THE GRAND CHAMPION! - Teachers' FUSE Cup Online Tournament

After 6 intense races, Mr Tang comes out on top in the Australian Parents & Teachers' FUSE Cup Online Tournament! You can watch and read all about what went down through the link below!

On the 12th of April at 8:30pm, the Grand Finals took place to determine who will be the Australian Teachers & Parents Grand Champion! The finals consisted of 6 races and 6 competitors including Mr Tang (a.k.a Tangerz). You can watch how the finals went down by clicking play on the video below!

Here were the results (players accumulate points after each race):

1st race:

Al Tamsah (1st – 15 points)

Fry11 (2nd – 12 points)

Bubblegumc (3rd – 9 points)

Tangerz (5th – 8 points)

Tomstrife (7th – 6 points)

Kimmers (8th – 5 points)


2nd race:

Al Tamsah (1st – 30 points)

Bubblegumc (2nd – 21 points)

Tangerz (3rd – 18 points)

Kimmers (4th – 14 points)

Tomstrife (5th – 14 points)

Fry11 (6th – 19 points)

3rd race:

Tangerz (1st – 33 points)

Tomstrife (2nd – 26 points)

Bubblegumc (3rd – 31 points)

Al Tamsah (4th – 39 points)

Kimmers (6th – 21 points)

Fry11 (7th – 25 points)


4th race:

Tangerz (1st – 48 points)

Tomstrife (2nd – 38 points)

Kimmers (3rd – 31 points)

Al Tamsah (4th – 48 points)

Fry11 (5th – 33 points)

Bubblegumc (6th – 38 points)

5th race:

Kimmers (1st – 46 points)

Tangerz (2nd – 60 points)

Bubblegumc (3rd – 48 points)

Al Tamsah (4th – 57 points)

Tomstrife (5th – 46 points)

Fry11 (6th – 40 points)


6th race (final race):

Tangerz (1st – 75 points)

Tomstrife (2nd – 58 points)

Al Tamsah (3rd – 67 points)

Kimmers (5th – 54 points)

Fry11 (6th – 47 points)

Bubblegumc (7th – 54 points)

Congratulations to Mr Tang for winning the Australian Parents & Teachers Mario Kart Online Tournament by FUSE Cup! Due to his win, he will be representing Australia as their captain in the ANZAC Day Invitational competition against New Zealand! Please click on any of the links below if you would like to keep up to date with anything and everything FUSE Cup!

There is a kids esports online course and competition which covers topics such as Esports, Cyber Safety, Cyber Bullying and Digital Wellbeing that they are offering. A mini competition will be held for students exclusively within the course after completion.






@ 2020 Silverton Primary School