Bring Your Own Device Program

From Grade 3 at Silverton we have implemented a successful BYOD program for many years now.
At the end of Grade 2, we send home the option's for your child going into Grade 3. Below is an outline of the options available.

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School Mission Statement:-

The Learning and Teaching culture at Silverton PS inspires learners to inquire, reflect, show curiosity and to be well rounded active learners ready to face the challenges of the future.

A strong home school partnership is established and nurtured for every child to foster their social, emotional, physical, intercultural and academic development. Each child is supported to reach their full potential.

Our students are motivated to become life-long learners who develop respect, compassion, caring and understanding for their role as a global citizen.

Silverton PS is recognised worldwide as a high performing, innovative and highly technological rich school and our student results support this.


BYOD at Silverton (Grades 3 – 6)

The benefits of a BYOD Program are many and it is no surprise that there is currently an international move towards providing students with laptops. Silverton PS constantly strives to ensure its students are provided with the best educational opportunities that will keep them alongside their counterparts in Australia and overseas. Enhancing learning in the classroom and beyond, learning that is initiated, independent, engaging and satisfying are but a few of the benefits of a BYOD Program. Giving families access to the latest technology in the home is a side benefit of such a program.


The digital revolution has the capacity to provide a new platform for education for the next era of learning.  Our view of technology in education is that computer driven technologies should support learning programs. These learning programs should also stand apart from the technology so that they can exist without the technology. This seems to be a more feasible option to move forward rather than have a curriculum solely based on technology.  What remains unquestionable is the need to adapt our school and teaching practices to meet the emerging awareness and the use of digital technology by students.


Plan Options

At Silverton we offer a range of Plans for families.

Plan 1. 

Purchase the laptop outright from our Laptop Supplier (LWT - Learning With Technologies)

There are option to pay upfront, or over a 36 month payment plan



  • Multiple members of family able to use.
  • Device owned by family after 3 years (or when full payment has been made)
  • Families can install additional software approved by the school.
  • Warranty Options to select from (please read carefully)
  • Students are able to personalise the device.



  • Just remember content appropriate for a school environment.

Plan 2.

Borrow a laptop from the school for the School Year only (From February to December). This laptop can be taken home each day and used over the school holidays. It is a school owned device.



  • Student has sole use of devise from Feb to Dec 2019
  • Student can take device home.
  • Students are able to personalise the device.



  • Student only allowed to use device. No family member to use device.
  • No additional software to be installed and used.
  • The device is insured with a $100 excess fee for each claim.
  • Device returned to school in Dec 2019.
  • If instalment payment is overdue, then Silverton Primary School have the right to remove the laptop until payment has been made.
  • Just remember content appropriate for a school environment.

Plan 3.

Borrow a laptop from the school which stays at school. Laptop cannot be taken home.



  • Student has sole use of a device for school year.



  • Device can only be used at school in school hours.
  • Device cannot be taken home.
  • No additional software can be installed.
  • If instalment payment is overdue, then Silverton Primary School have the right to remove the laptop until payment has been made.

Plan 4.

Students can choose to bring their own device. It needs to be approved by the school technician before it can be used in class.


Make sure your child is familiar with how to use the device before taking this option. If your child is not confidant, please let their class teacher know so your child will receive some assistance.


If deciding on a Plan 4, following are the Minimum Hardware/Software Requirements:

  • Windows 8.1 onwards
  • Minimum 64GB Hard Disk Drive (128GB Solid State Drive recommended)
  • 5 GHz Pentium Processor (Pentium mobile, intel i3 or higher recommended)
  • 4GB or higher recommended
  • Wi-Fi Capable
  • At least 4 hour battery
  • 10inch screen PLUS (11 – 13inch recommended)


In short; a recent computer no more than 2 years old.



  • Silverton Primary School does not have any liability on this device.
  • Content appropriate for a school environment.