Student Leadership Roles

There are many opportunities for the senior students at Silverton Primary School to become involved as a School Leader. In such roles, the students are invited to participate in activities that will assist them in developing their leadership skills. 


School leaders are given the opportunity to demonstrate and develop responsibility. Students are given the opportunity to display these skills by;
- respecting school rules and values
- displaying good communication skills with both peers and adults
- assisting in the facilitation and smooth running of whole school events
- contribute their view point on whole school related issues with the school's leadership team and School Council
- be a good role-models for other students
- facilitating and leading the whole school assemblies
- running lunchtime programs for other students
- representing Silverton at out of school events
The students are identified through a selection process. In their roles they contribute to the school and develop their personal character and leadership skills.
The Silverton Leadership team includes:
* School Captain and Vice Captains
* House Captains
* Sport Captains
* Peer Mediator Captains
* Performing Art Captains
* Visual Arts Captains
* Media Captains
* Environmental Captains