Parent Payment

Parent Payment covers School Essential Education Items and is charged per child attending our School each year.
Items that this payment charge covers are:


Children will receive the necessary individual items of stationery equipment required for their grade level.  This will include items such as: - Exercise books for all subjects – Literacy, Numeracy, LOTE, Science, Discovery Time and Integrated Curriculum.


CLASSROOM SUPPLIES (kept in Learning Centres)

These include items such as classroom consumables, visual art supplies, cooking consumables, sporting equipment, media art resources and science materials.



This includes textbooks, Readers / Book club Literature Books, Numeracy resources, Digital Literacy resources, DRA, Mangahigh Access, Robotics, STEM, Media and computer resources.


Stationary List

We also request that families provide stationary items for their child each year. These can be purchased from any retail store.

Here is a link to the Parent Payment form and Stationary List. 

Parent Payment Policy

If you would like to see the Parent Payment Policy, please click here.

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