Reading Tips

Reading Tips for Parents

By Ana Kitharidis


Read to or listen to your child read every day
(between 10-20 minutes)


Tip 3:  'Keys' to unlock words


What do I do if my child gets stuck?


    Give waiting time (up to 5 secs) for the child to solve the problem by themselves


            “Let’s look at the picture.”                   

            “What word might make sense?”

            “What word would sound right?”

            “Does (the word the child said) look right?”

            “What sound does the word start with?”

If it makes sense, continue reading, if not give the child another try. Ask, “Did that make sense?” Then tell them the word.


            “I like the way you…”

            “You remembered how to…”

            “You must have been practising…”

            “You’re right!”


Always allow your child to try by themselves; look at the Keys below- ideas as to how you can help


Sometimes, after a few different tries, just TELL them the word because some words are just too hard.