Reading Tips

Reading Tips for Parents

By Ana Kitharidis


Read to or listen to your child read every day
(between 10-20 minutes)


Tip 9 How can we best help at home???

  • spend quality reading time reading with or to or by your child every day

  • always sounding out individual letters is a No! No!

  • Show them that reading is important; read newspapers, recipes, magazines,  TV Guide, IPad   (practical & useful reading) IN YOUR OWN LANGUAGE

  • let your child see you reading

  • lots of speaking and conversations (IN YOUR OWN LANGUAGE OR ENGLISH)

  • give them lots of life experiences; visit places, shopping centres, and talk about what they see( expand their vocabulary)

  • make use of a library regularly

  • care for books; how to turn pages and no eating or drinking near books

  • Borrowing books from the school library

  • Use a reader bag to protect the book