Discovery Time

Discovery Time is Silverton’s student centred play and project based curriculum. We believe every child is a unique and special individual who should be an active participant in their own education and development. Children work on personalised projects which are driven by their individual interests. They can choose to work independently or collaboratively to explore in a way that suits their learning style. It is an opportunity for students to apply and practise their Literacy and Numeracy skills in meaningful and purposeful ways.


Students from Foundation to Grade Two, follow our Discovery Time process to plan, organise and reflect on their projects. During Discovery Time, students will learn to:

  •  Use their creativity and imagination in a variety of ways
  • Problem solve and build self confidence
  •  Set and work towards personal goals
  •  Develop their research skills
  • Collaborate during team work
  • Use innovative technology

@ 2021 Silverton Primary School