GRAND CHAMPIONS - FUSE Cup Online Tournament

On Friday the 20th of March, three Silverton students dominated the FUSE Cup online tournament against 3 other schools in Victoria. Click on the link below to hear more about what went down!

The FUSE Cup is a nationwide esports (electronic sports) competition aimed at younger students between Grade 5 and Year 8. The first competition focused around Mario Kart 8 Deluxe which a selected group of students at Silverton have been training on a weekly basis during Term 1. On Friday the 20th of March, schools all over Victoria that chose to participate in The FUSE Cup were supposed to meet up and compete against each other to determine a state finalists. However, due to the concern around COVID-19, the face-to-face competition was postponed. Knowing how devastated the participating schools would be, FUSE Cup swifly made arrangements to host an online Mario Kart 8 Deluxe tournament so our students didn't miss out on the chance to showcase their training. Being an optional tournament aimed at connecting with others and enjoying some friendly competition, 4 schools opted in to participate.

The 4 schools that participated in the online tournament were:

  • Silverton Primary School
  • St. Bernadette's Primary School
  • Antonine College
  • Mackellar Primary School

Silverton students chatting with other schools through the FUSE Cup live stream

The friendly tournament consisted of 2 heats to determine the top 2 schools who would play against each other in the grand final. With FUSE Cup live streaming the competition for all participating schools to see, each match up consisted of 2 schools while the other 2 watched. The rules were simple: 4 different random maps, students would take turns racing on each map, whichever school accumulated the most points would progress to the next round.

St Bernadette's took the win against Mackellar to proceed into Heat 1's finals. Silverton were able to win against Antonine College where we went on to play against St Bernadette's. We managed to win Heat 1 and thus Heat 2 began with Antonine College and Mackellar Primary. Antonine managed to advance into Heat 2's finals. It was now up to Silverton and St Bernadette's to face off once again to see who would move through. St Bernadette's managed to secure a good lead in points from the first race, but Silverton bounced back in the second and third races to narrow the gap. It was down to the last race with 1 point seperating St Bernadette's and Silverton. A crucial race for both schools, but in the end Silverton was able to win once again to progress into the Heat 2's finals against Antonine College. We managed to win against Antonine College which resulted in us having to play against ourselves in the grand final. After deciding how we would split our own team into 2 groups, we pitted against one another to determine who were the grand champions, but in all honesty, the whole team were grand champions already for their brilliant performance during the tournament.

There were many close calls between all schools; making the competition intense but fun for both students and teachers. Students would be in an uproar with excitement from many close calls resulting from quick thinking and smart plays. One of the highlights from the competition was how encouraging the students were to each other within their own teams but also towards their opponents. The FUSE Cup live stream allowed all schools to chat with one another where we would constantly exchange praises, compliments and encouragement to one another regardless of who won.

We would like to take this time to thank FUSE Cup for hosting and live streaming the competition and allowing us to connect and develop positive relationships with St. Bernadette's Primary, Mackellar Primary and Antonine College. We would also like to thank these three schools for playing in the tournament and showing such good sportsmanship. We look forward to playing against these schools again during the real competition in the near future! For more information about FUSE Cup, visit their website: 

@ 2020 Silverton Primary School