District Cross Country

Best of  luck to our students who are representing Silverton in Friday's Cross Country.

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Everyone is welcome to come and support the following stuents who are representing Silverton at District Cross Counrty. 

Aaliyah, Adam, Amir, Andrea, Arnold, Ashton, Audrey, Christopher, Derek, Dua, Elise, Finn, Harley, Harriet, Henry, Isla, Joshua, Kahlia, Karez, Katrina, Lacey, Lennox, Levi, Logan, Lucas, Lucy, Luna, Mutahhar, Muxi, Noah, Owen, Pulei, Raaga, Raj, Reyansh, Rian, Sebastian, Skylar, Sophie, Sufia, Taner, Tarik, Theodora, Yenul, Yuvleen and Zion.

Friday 26th May - 9:30am - 12:30am (First race 9:50am)
@ Tatterson Park, Cheltenham Road, Keysborough

Order of events (Calculated at the age competitor turns this year)

12/13 year old girls (born in 2011 or 2020)   3km
12/13 year old boys (born in 2011 or 2020)   3km
11 year old girls (born in 2012)   3km
11 year old boys (born in 2012)   3km
9/10 year old girls (born in 2014 or 2013)   2km
9/10 year old boys (born in 2014 or 2013)   2km
9/13 year old multiclass boys/girls   2km