Marine Ambassador Program

Each year we ask students from Grade five and six to apply to be part of the Marine Ambassador program and only 12 students are selected.
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Marine Ambassador

Going on the Marine Ambassador program was an amazing opportunity, we got to do so many new and fun things! Some students got to see a variety of different fish throughout the excursion, there were stingrays down on the sand, sea dragons, toad fish and someone even saw a pufferfish! There were loads of waves so we couldn’t go too far but that didn’t stop us from making new discoveries, we also were assigned into two groups depending on our swimming level so that everyone can stay safe. The bus ride there was about an hour and a half long, but it went by in no time! 

This excursion was one of the four excursions we will take part in this year focusing on snorkelling. We had all the cool gear and great instructors and staff to help us throughout the experience! Overall, it was a one in a lifetime opportunity and we would totally recommend signing up!

-Hemayal Zaman 5/60