We are the 2021 Melbourne & Sydney Mario Kart Champions!

Congratulations to the Silverton Mario Kart e-sports team for becoming the 2021 Melbourne and Sydney Mario Kart Champions! The brilliant teamwork of Claire and Malak secured the school's victory against 21 other teams! Read more about it by clicking on the link below!

On the 18th of November, 8 students from Grade 5 and 6 participated in the 2021 Melbourne and Sydney Mario Kart Online Tournament run by 'The FUSE Cup'. These 8 students paired up with each other to form 4 teams and represented Silverton Primary School against 7 other schools. All in all, there were 22 teams (44 students in total) that took part in the online Mario Kart races.

The Federation of United Schools Esports - FUSE Cup is an international network of schools connected in providing young students with an opportunity to participate in a safe, supportive and structured national esports competition while developing positive gaming behaviours and digital wellbeing. You can read more about them over at their website: https://www.thefusecup.com.au/about-us

The schools that participated in the online competition included: Melbourne Girls Grammar, Ivanhoe Grammar School, St Bernadette's Catholic Primary School, McAuley Catholic College, Catholic Regional College North Keilor, Lindfield Learning Village, Saint Oliver Plunkett Catholic Parish Primary School and Silverton Primary School. 4 heats were played where the top 2 teams from each heat advanced to the quarter finals based on accumulated points. Students could score points based on their placement across 4 randomised maps. Oscar and Rickha played in Heat 1 as Silverton Team 1, Jaxx and Jack played in Heat 2 as Silverton Team 2, Connor and Amel played in Heat 3 as Silverton Team 3 and Malak and Claire played in Heat 4 as Silverton Team 4. Here are the results from each heat below.

Oscar and Rickha unfortunately were 1 point off from advancing into the quarter finals in their heat. MGGS Team 1 and St Bernadette's Team 1 had to play against each other once more to determine who would make it through with St Bernadette's coming out on top and advancing to the quarter finals alongside IGS Team 1. In Heat 2, Jaxx and Jack finished with the highest score alongside CRCNK Team 1 with 57 and 54 points respectively. In Heat 3, Connor and Amel finished with an identical score of 54 points alongside MGGS Team 3. In Heat 4, Claire and Malak finished with the highest score in their group with 57 points while CRCNK Team 2 advanced alongside them with 52 points.

The quarter finals saw a total of 8 teams; 1 being from Ivanhoe Grammar, 1 being from St Bernadette's, 1 being from Melbourne Girls Grammar, 2 being from Catholic Regional College North Keilor and 3 being from Silverton Primary School. The quarter finals were played in a 1v1 fashion with IGS going up against Jaxx and Jack, St Bernadette's going up against CRCNK's 1st team, Connor and Amel going up against CRCNK's 2nd team and MGGS going up against Claire and Malak. With many close races in the quarter finals, the 4 teams that made it through to the semi-finals were: IGS, both teams from CRCNK and the sole surviving team representing Silverton - Claire and Malak.

After going on a digital wellbeing break and watching Ivanhoe Grammar take the win against CRCNK Team 1, it was time for Malak and Claire to race against CRCNK's 2nd team in the semi-finals. Both teams raced against each other across 4 different maps; trading 1st and 2nd place after each one. Eventually both teams tied in points and hence a 5th race took place to decide who would race against IGS in the Grand Finals. Surely enough, the girls managed to come out on top against CRCNK while displaying a high level of teamwork and communication. This meant that they got to face off against IGS in the Grand Finals! Across the 4 races during the Grand Finals, Claire and Malak managed to take 1st, 2nd, 1st and 1st against Ivanhoe and became the winners of the Melbourne and Sydney Mario Kart Online Tournament for Silverton Primary School!

All students across all schools displayed a high level of sportsmanship and support thoughout the games. Regardless of winning or losing, everyone enjoyed being given the opportunity to participate and connect with other schools across Australia. A big thank you to 'The FUSE Cup' for organising and hosting the online event! The Silverton Mario Kart e-sports team definitely had lots of fun on the day and have written some reflections below.

The past 2 years have been incredible, the Mario Kart e-sports team has really helped me develop my gaming skills. 2020 was a rough year for everyone. Having Mario Kart has helped. Ryan, Stephan, Gianluca and I played in the team that year and came 3rd. 2021 was a bit different because we had 8 players. Connor, Amel, Claire, Malak, Jack, Jaxx, Rickha and I. We were lucky enough to win the Grand Final. Over the course of the 2 years, it has been a wonderful journey. I'd like to thank Mr Tang for training and helping me grow as a gamer. I am forever grateful.

- Oscar

I joined the Mario Kart team because I really liked playing the game. The first day in the team, I was really nervous, but all the people on my team were really nice! I got a lot of tips and help. When it was tournament day, my partner Claire and I thought we wouldn't make it. When it was our turn to play, we passed the first one, then the second one and then the last one before the grand finals too! We made it to the Grand Finals and we won! The team, Claire and I were so happy! I would not have been able to do this without my partner Claire, my Silverton team and Mr Tang!

- Malak

My experience on the Mario Kart team was a very gratifying experience. I heavily doubted myself in the beginning, but with the help of Malak, we ended up winning the Mario Kart tournament. I loved playing Mario Kart with friends, and versing different schools during the tournament was a really fun experience.

- Claire

In the e-sport Mario kart team, I really enjoyed practising and connecting with them. It was fun learning new tricks and racing against each other. Overall, it was a pretty fun time regardless of failing or succeeding. It was very competitive and very intense when it came to the tournament. During my time, I messed up from not keeping focus on how I was driving. Keeping cool is hard. Anyways it was a fun time going against others schools and honestly I felt pretty bad when the other team won. But overall it was a very good experience and I am thankful that I volunteered.

- Jaxx

I have loved playing with my friends in a game I like. I have learnt so many new things about this game and I have also made great friends with my teammates. I have been playing throughout the year and challenging other schools. It has been so fun and I can’t wait until I do it next year.

- Jack

I have enjoyed the sessions of Mario kart we had this year. Learning techniques like coin starving, shortcuts and how to gain advantages with our items. If I could go back in time to do everything again and try to change my and Amel's outcome in the tournament, I would. The FUSE Cup was great! Amel and I may not have gotten into the Grand Finals, but I enjoyed celebrating the races we did well in right up until the quarter finals. Everything was really fun and to be honest I’ll miss the 2021 e-sports team.

- Connor

I liked playing Mario Kart at Silverton! I didn't like losing, but we screamed so loud because we won the tournament! I loved playing with my friends!

- Amel