Please Donate your Clean old T-Shirts for Up-cycling!

Support us reduce the impact of Climate Change. Please donate your old clean T-shirts to be upcycled and give them a new life!

Hello Silverton Community,
Our names are Varsha, Hadi and Veronica and as part of our Community Impact Project, we have chosen to help the environment and reduce the impact of climate change. We need your help!!
We have decided that we are going to create upcycled items such as bags, surprise teddys and infinity scarfs. All we need from you is a t-shirt you do not like, do not fit in, or one you are willing to give away. 

We will take any t-shirts, but they must be clean. 

You can also choose if you would like one of your t-shirts returned upcycled as something else!! If you do, please put your name on the T-shirt, your grade and what creation you would like (e.g. Infinity scarf, bag or teddy). If you don’t want one, then simply do not add your name or anything on the t-shirt, the spare t-shirt creations will be donated or sold to help climate change. 

Thank you for helping us help the environment by ensuring perfectly good t-shirts do make it to land-fill but get a new life instead!

Kind regards, Varsha Hadi and VeronicaUp-cycled T-shirts