Grade 3/4 District Athletics Stories

Grade 3 and 4 Students article about their experience at District Cross Country races.

At District Cross Country there were 11 different schools that participated. Silverton had great sportsmanship on the day. I was scared and happy because the running track was very long. Tarik and I came 3rd in our races and there was some great runners at the event. I had fun when running the race because it was competitive and hard. Silverton Primary School came 1st out of the 11 schools. Even though no one at Silverton placed first in their race, we came 1st overall. When I went in the bus I felt excited because it was the first time I was competing against different schools. Thank you to Mr. Blundell, Miss Bracun, Mr. E and Alex for coming and cheering us on.

By Tarik V and Andrea B LC3

From Silverton there was about 44 kids who went to District Cross Country. We competed against eleven different schools. We won the whole day due to being the most consistent school with a total of 506 points. Chandler Park Primary School came in second place. Even though we had no people come first in their races, we had the most kids second and third and we still won the trophy. The grade 5/6 students had to run 3km, and the grade 3/4 students had to run 2km. Silverton was the most supportive school on the day, who were cheering the loudest. Lucas R and Oscar F were our highest place finishers at Silverton. A whopping 14 students from Silverton qualified for the Division Cross Country and will be competing in a few weeks for our school. Thanks to Mr Blundell and Alex for training us every Wednesday and Friday morning. Thanks to Miss Bracun and Mr E for taking us and supporting us.

By Lucas R and Finn W LC3