Dandenong Community Hub

Greater Dandenong City Council has commenced planning for a community hub in central Dandenong and we welcome your input.

Greater Dandenong City Council has commenced planning for a community hub in central Dandenong.  This project represents the next step to develop infrastructure in central Dandenong to meet current and future community needs.
Community hubs are multi-purpose community facilities, providing a range of complementary services in a single accessible location and generally have a range of shared facilities and functions for the community, groups and organisations. 

The 2020 Dandenong Community Hub Needs Analysis has provided clear and excellent information about local community and facility needs.

Now we are interested in getting your feedback on exactly what combination of things the hub should be for and include. There are five key discussion areas that we’d like to focus on. They are:

  1. The vision, focus and purpose of the Dandenong Community Hub (the Hub)
  2. What you’d like to use facilities in the Hub for and the specific facility needs and priorities you/your group have
  3. Where in the Dandenong Market precinct along the Stuart Street area do you think the Hub would work best and why?
  4. What do you think will be important about how the Hub is operated?
  5. Are there any other important issues or ideas that you think need to be considered?

All feedback can be emailed to community.consultation@cgd.vic.gov.au with the subject title Dandenong Community Hub or phone 8571 5370.

Residents and groups are encouraged to attend a workshop to have your say. There are three workshops:

  • Thursday 13 May, 7pm 
  • Tuesday 25 May, 10am 
  • Thursday 27 May, 7pm

More information can be found at: https://www.greaterdandenong.vic.gov.au/dandenong-hub-open-workshop