Dream Catchers

Some students created Dream Catchers in their Reality Group.

The use and meaning of a dream catcher

Dream catchers were created by Ojibwe people from Canada. Dream catchers represented the spider lady who made webs by children’s bed to catch all the bad dreams but dream catchers let the good dreams pass, and when the sunrays hit the web all the bad dreams will be removed. Traditional dream catchers have eight points from where they are woven which represents the spider lady. The Ojibwe people traditionally used wood, bird feathers, wooden beads and sinew. Nowadays dream catchers are made of string, plastic beads and plastic or wooden hoops.

Here are some examples of dream catchers that students from a Reality Group who put hard work and effort into can be seen. Students used things such as beads, feathers and string. For the one I created it was an all-white theme to keep it cool and calm I used a very simple weaving technique. Other students used more complex weaving patterns each one unique in its own way the whole group enjoyed this activity and had fun.

Sasu 5/6I