3rd Place!

International Mario Kart School Tournament:  Our amazing Silverton students managed to come 3rd place out of 39 teams that took part in the FUSE Cup international Mario Kart school tournament! Congrats to these amazing students! We are all proud of what you have accomplished!

On the 16th of November, our top 4 Mario Kart players took to the stage to compete against the best of the best. The FUSE Cup international Mario Kart school tournament consisted of 39 teams from 14 different schools across asia and only 9 of those teams made it through to the semi-finals! Ryan and Stephan in Grade 6 led the charge in Group 1 against 3 other schools whilst Gianluca and Oscar in Grade 5 raced in Group 2 against 4 other schools. The top 2 teams with the most points after 4 matches would make their way into the Grand Finals!

Here are the results from Group 1!

Semi Finals Group 1

  1. Ivanhoe Grammar School Team 1 (55 points)
  2. Silverton Primary School Team 1 (48 points)
  3. Western Academy of Beijing (44 points)
  4. Northbridge Primary School (35 points)

With these numbers, Ryan and Stephan made their way to the Grand Finals alongside Ivanhoe Grammar School. After a short break, it was time for Gianluca and Oscar to race! Seeing their teammates securing a spot in the Grand Finals, they were both determined to follow suit, but it definitely wasn't going to be easy.

Here are the results from Group 2!

Semi Finals Group 2

  1. Lindfield Learning Village (54 points)
  2. Ivanhoe Grammar School Team 2 (44 points)
  3. Antonine College (41 points)
  4. Silverton Primary School Team 2 (38 points)
  5. The International School of Macao (32 points)

The teams at Lindfield Learning Village, Ivanhoe Grammar School and Antonine College proved to be tough opponents as they finish in the top 3 positions on the leaderboard. Gianluca and Oscar were 6 points away from making it into the top 2. Unfortunately due to this, they would not qualify for the Grand Finals. A big congratulations to these two amazing racers for putting in so much effort! We are proud of you boys!

With that being said, it was time for Ryan and Stephan to race in the Grand Finals against Lindfield Learning Village and Ivanhoe Grammar School who managed to advance with both of their teams!

Here are the results from the Grand Finals!

Grand Finals
  1. Ivanhoe Grammar School Team 1 (49 points)
  2. Lindfield Learning Village (49 points)
  3. Silverton Primary School Team 1 (46 points)
  4. Ivanhoe Grammar School Team 2 (40 points)

After an intense 4 races where all 3 schools were neck and neck, Silverton Primary School finished 3rd on the ladder! We were unfortuntately 3 points shy from the top of the leaderboard. According to The FUSE Cup rules, if any schools finish with the same amount of points, they will race one more time to determine who gets to be crowned the international Mario Kart school champion! Ivanhoe Grammar School and Lindfield Learning Village raced it out one last time. Lindfield Learning Village managed to maintain their lead for majority of the race and eventually finished ahead of Ivanhoe Grammar School. Due to this, they were crowned the 2020 champions! Congratulations Lindfield Learning Village on a well deserved victory for such consistent and high level play!

Silverton Primary School would like to also give a HUGE congratulations to both Ryan and Stephan in Grade 6 for their outstanding performance; managing to finish 3rd amongst so many schools and teams. We are all so proud of you boys!