Mrs Gebert's Writing Workshop


(By Dylan Abeykoon)

I know the best pet is a humpback whale! You can play with them, they are fun, its cute and relaxing.


Firstly if you don`t have anyone to play with you can play with your Whale by dodging their splashes and teaching it tricks! You wont feel lonely when you play with your whale as you are not alone.


Secondly they are fun and that makes you happy because everyone likes to have fun. Fun can also give you exercise by running and playing. Exercise is good for you.


Thirdly when you watch something cute it’s relaxing. When you are sad they can make you happy because it calms you down as it’s relaxing to watch.

Most importantly Whales make you happy by splashing water and that can be funny. When you laugh it can be entertaining and get people in a good mood 

By Sreelakshmi Gopal (1/2T)