Mrs Parra's Writing Workshop

This term Mrs Parra’s writing workshop has been writing persuasive texts. The students have tried to persuade the audience by using strong reasons and examples to support their opinion.

The best Pet is a Parrot.

By Ayaana Weerasekera

The best pet is a parrot.

They are the best pet because they shine in the sun. They are colourful.

They can help you with their beak. Their beak is sharp. So they can crack open nuts and fruits.

Parrots are impressive because they have lots of feathers and moves.

Parrots can talk and send messages to each other.

Trust me you will see. They are the best.

I love all birds but the best bird is a parrot. Yes a parrot is the best pet.




Apples are  the best fruit.  They can  be used in lots of  different ways, like cooking ,making apple juice  and eating as  a snack.

Firstly,  apples  are  great  for   cooking. You  can make  apple pies, muffins and cakes which can be enjoyed as an afternoon tea  or dessert.

Apples are sweet  and  crunchy, I like to eat them as a  snack, they are very easy to eat as well and can be eaten anywhere and everywhere, just give it a wash and enjoy!

Apples are very healthy, they are good for your teeth and body because they have lots of vitamins and minerals

On a hot summer day, a nice, cool glass of apple juice is all you need, it’s very refreshing.

Apples are the best fruit of them all because they have the best flavour, its not too sweet or sour.  They can be easily found all year around.

So try an apple today and you can thank me later!

By Zayaan