FUSE Cup Fifa 20 Tournament - Silverton PS VS Ormiston College (Round 1)

Silverton Primary School had their first Fifa 20 clash in Round 1 against Ormiston College on the 18th of June! As per The FUSE Cup rules, two matches were played with Gianluca leading the charge in match 1 while Nicholas took over in match 2. Both players showed off their skills brilliantly against their Queensland opponents up till the final whistle.

We lost 0-1 in our first game, but won 2-1 in our second game! This meant that in total, both schools scored 2 goals against the other; leading to the final result being 2-2.

Ormiston College and Silverton Primary agreed to set up a video call between the two schools in order to create a more exciting and engaging atmosphere. At the end of each match, both schools applauded the other for their brilliant effort and showed great sportsmanship.

Currently in The FUSE Cup Fifa tournament, all schools are playing in group stages. 3 points for an overall win, 1 point for a draw and 0 points for an overall loss. Due to our total score between us and Ormiston being 2-2, we drew against each other and gained 1 point for our first round in the group stages! Besides Ormiston College, we will eventually play against Mackellar Primary and Siena Catholic College. The school with the most points in the group stage will advance to the semi-finals!

The students enjoyed having this opportunity to play against Ormiston College and have taken on a lot from these two matches to better prepare themselves for our next opponents early in Term 3.

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