Virtual Cross Country - Extended until Monday 18th May

It is great that we have already over 100 runs logged in our register. Keep it up Silverton. You are doing a great job :)

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Silverton's Virtual Cross Country is from Mon May 4 until Wed May 18. Students are asked to go out and run as many times they can over this time.

Students can run at the local oval, around the block or even around their own backyard. We encourage everyone to make this a family event and all go out together to practise. Students if you do go outside please make sure you ask for first.

Everyone who participates will score points for their House. The House with the most points at the end will be deemed Cross Country Champions.

To add to the fun of the event students can dress up in costume if they wish to. We encourage the whole school community to get involved and participate.

Make sure you register each run that you do, max one per day. Videos can be shared on Flipgrid.

Distances for students to run:
Foundation - 400 m
1/2 - 800 m
3/4 - 1500 m
5/6 - 2000 m

To help gauge the distance a lap of school oval is approx 350m or the "paddock" track is 370m. Use a phone to help track distance.

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