Working Bee

On Saturday 15th of February, we had a working bee at school.

The weather was a little unpredicatable but we had 13 people attend and we got a lot of weeding and clipping done.

A big thank you to;

Rachel Andrews and Maddy Capples

Kathy Crome, Kylie, Eryn and Xavier Merton

Kerrie, Aly and Josiah Ngoma

Gianlunca and Audrey Vescio

Ivan Joshi


 Hi, I’m Madi; and I went to Silverton’s first working bee for the year!

 What I liked about the working bee was that I got to help the school with the garden .I was clipping back plants in the courtyard with Kathy. It was raining on and off but I had fun.  We had to put all of the clippings into the wheelbarrows and take them to the compost pile in the vegie garden.

Rachel,kylie,Kerrie,Audrey,Gianlunca,Ivan,Aly,Josiah,Eryn,Xavier and Mrs Blake were in the vegie garden pulling out lots of weeds. Audrey and her brother Gianlunca came a bit later and we all needed help so it was good that they got to come. In total, we had 13 people at working bee.  At 10:30 we stopped because of the rain but had a nice morning tea and then went back to work. It would be great to see more people come to the working bee because we would get a lot more done.

 Our next working bee will be in Term Two so stayed tuned.




Hi, I’m Aly. I came down with my little brother and my mum. We had a lot of fun. There was something to do for everyone.

Even if you are little there is still plenty to do. My brother and Xavier were weeding with shovels. They played games and actually got some work done! The chickens were also let out and the kids had a ball! They were taught to look after the chickens. They were taught where and how eggs are made and where to find them.

The adults and older children weeded the garden. There was lots of talking and laughs! We all admired the work from last year and how much our vegies have grown.

When the rain came we went into the BER where Miss Moyle was teaching dance to no one. Eryn, Josiah, Xavier and I went in and had our own private dance class. It was very nice talking to a teacher who had left the school last year.

When the rain passed everyone was back outside. Now our veggie garden looks amazing thanks to the work of these amazing people. We have new crops planted, our courtyard looks amazing and we have chicken monitors in training! We would love it if more people could get involved! Bring your children too! It is a great way to get to know your schools community and a great way for kids to see their friends.