Robotics.Code Reality Group Term One

During Reality Groups in Term One, some students have chosen to look at the area of Robotics. These students have started to explore how to build their own robot using a Micro: Bit. A small programming board that you can add lots of different sensors to, as well as motors and then code via an app on an iPad or computer.

Students also have the option of creating their own Android applications. This is done via the website MIT app inventor. Students can then either run it on an emulator via their computer or use an Android device to run their creation.

School Dates



TERM 1: Wed 29 Jan - Fri 27 Mar

TERM 2: Mon 14 Apr - Fri 26 Jun 

TERM 3: Mon 17 Jul (later than scheduled) - Fri 18 Sep 

TERM 4: Mon 5 Oct - Fri 28 Dec



School Hours: 9am - 3:15pm

Assembly: 8:50am Mondays

Recess: 11am - 11:30am

Lunch:   1:45pm - 2:15pm