Visit to the Springvale Park Special Developmental School

On Friday the 22nd of November, our Children’s Choice was put into effect. For our Children’s Choice project we decided to teach children with special needs and disabilities. We went, along with two of our home group teachers, to Springvale Park Special Developmental School.Springvale Park Special Developmental School is an excellent school and was specially built and made for children with special needs or disabilities.

We decided to make three activities of the following subjects; Science, Art and STEM. We wanted to experience how it is like to teach and what it is like to work with kids with disabilities and special needs.


For the Science topic, Newlyn and Feba planned the activity.

Our topic for the Science was the Water Cycle. We printed out a work sheet, along with and an observing experiment. The experiment was with shaving cream and food dye. In a jar we put shaving cream on top of water and drops of food colouring to act as rain water.  They completed the worksheet by observing the experiment and drawing their own rain cloud.


For the Art topic, Duaa and Aalla planned it.

The art work that was made was with paint and a fork. The children dipped the fork into the paint and stamped it on the paper. There were four colours being used; red, green, blue and yellow. The Art work was very successful and all of them made beautiful art work.


The last topic was STEM, made by Feba and Newlyn.

For the activity, we used paper straws and Blutack. Using the paper straws they were asked to make any 2D or 3D shape. They used Blutack to stick them together. This is was a very good and interesting activity.


Overall we had a good experience and learned lots of new things. We learned how to have patience and how hard people work for their community, to be the best, and achieve the best of their ability.

We really enjoyed our time and had a successful trip. We enjoyed interacting with the new children and learned lessons of a life, based on what we observed from this excursion.

We would like to thank the Teachers for supporting us, the Principal and Springvale Park Special Development School for making this excursion happen.


By Newlyn 5/6S, Duaa 5/6N, Aalla 5/6N, Feba 5/6L J