Students Taking Action on Climate Change

Silverton Supporting Students Taking Action on Climate Change

Students Taking Action on Climate Change

On Friday 20th of September many students from all around the world are choosing not attend school in response to the inaction of governments locally and globally to address climate change.

Australian students are demanding that the Australian government take urgent action on climate change. They know that to ignore the science will lead to dangerous changes to our climate.

Their demands include;

  1. No new coal, oil & gas projects, including the Adani coal mine
  2. 100% renewable energy generation, and exports by 2030
  3. Fund a just transition & jobs for all fossil-fuel industry workers & communities.

At Silverton we are committed to becoming more sustainable and we have been learning how to take better care of our environment. Many students understand that to slow down global warming we need to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions to ensure a safe future.

Many of our students also feel strongly about this issue and are disappointed to see Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions increasing because of our government’s inaction on this issue.

Striking students are asking adults to show their support and have invited adults who are also concerned about this issue to attend the demonstration in Melbourne.

To show our support for the thousands of secondary schools and university students who will be striking, we will be doing activities at school linked to this issue.

Some teachers have chosen to take personal leave to attend the strike in support of striking students and also to represent students that are unable to take strike action.

If any parents would like to join us at the Climate Strike and attend the demonstration at Treasury Gardens Melbourne from 2.00- 4.00 pm on Friday 20th of September, please contact Mrs Blake.