Foundations Twisted Tales News Report

Hello ladies and gentlemen of all ages! This is Emily, Suha, Veronica, Emma and Aeliana reporting on the behalf of Silverton News! Today we will report about what happened during Silverton’s school concert called Twisted Tales.

All the children who were at the concert practised very hard, while the teachers and parents made the costumes, props and wrote the storylines for the concert, that was performed on Tuesday the 20th and Wednesday the 21st August.

What happened  at the start was the Fairy-Tale board meeting left Rapunzel and the beast with the iPad but Rapunzel accidently dropped the iPad causing all the fairy tales to mix up with one another making Twisted Tales.       


During the Foundations’ performance The Three Little Pigs and Hansel and Gretel’s tales got mixed, when the three Chinese dragons were wondering through the forest. The dragons saw Hansel and Gretel’s house and knocked all the lollies off the house. Hansel and Gretel had to call Home Sweet Home Construction to come and fix the house but when the pigs arrived they decided to eat all the lollies instead of sticking them on, so Hansel and Gretel had to call the Big Bad Wolf to stick the lollies back on. The Foundations danced to ‘I want candy’, ‘Sugar Sugar’, ‘I got you’ and ‘I like to move it’.

We would all like to say, “Good job” to the foundations who were energetic and adorable, Miss Molly and Miss Beck who helped choreograph the dances and to all the teachers who helped the students accomplish this year’s terrific concert.

All of the parents were grateful because of all the effort the whole school put into the show but especially the Foundations due to how it was their first concert and they were superbly adorable.

Written by Emily Nguyen 34V, Zahrah MOIN Suha 34V, Emma prentice 3/4E and Veronica Thomas 3/4E