Twisted Tales News Report

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the Silverton website report about the school’s concert.

We are your reporters, Jayden and Mustafa and we will tell you everything about Silverton’s latest concert where all the children performed at Crossway. The stage view was spectacle. We were so pleased that both the students and their parents were so happy and proud of the brilliant show.

 It was amazing, you should have seen what happened! If you’re interested in fairy tales then I bet you would have loved ‘Twisted Tales’ which was performed on Tuesday 20th and Wednesday 21st August.

It started when Rapunzel dropped the iPad and everything started to glitch. 

All the children worked so hard practising their songs and dance as well as making their costumes. The songs that the grade 3/4 students performed to are ‘Sorry’, ‘Happy’, ‘Ways to be wicked’ and ‘Who Woke Snow White Up’. The entire school sang ‘I’m a Believer’ for the final song to celebrate all the children reading their books.


Written by Jayden Lu in 3/4V and Mustafa Abdel Halim 3/4T