Recycling at Silverton

Plastic Recycling at Silverton

At Silverton we have been recycling soft plastics at school for over one year now.

We have collection bins in each learning centre staffroom and at OSHCARE. Every Friday afternoon our rubbish monitors collect the plastic and remove any non- soft plastic items. Evelyn, Erin K’s mum kindly takes the soft plastics to Coles to be recycled. The plastic then goes to REPLAS a plastic recycling company that makes the plastic into a variety of products such as bench seating, tables and decking.

Soft Plastic Recycling Challenge

We would like to encourage all families to recycle soft plastics at home. Nearly everything we buy is covered in plastic and unfortunately it all ends up at landfill where it takes hundreds of years to break down. Instead of sending it to landfill collect your soft plastic and take them to Coles or Woolworths to be recycled. You will be amazed how empty your bins will become. So take the soft plastic challenge. You will be reducing rubbish going to landfill and helping our environment too.

Send photos of before and after starting plastic recycling at your home and we will share it in our next newsletter.  Email us at

For more information about which soft plastics can be recycled and where to take them, follow this link