Athlete Development Program


Silverton’s Athlete Development program is conducted throughout the whole year. The program’s focus is giving students exposure to high performance sport and education. It is an introduction for students to the opportunities that are available to them, both in athletic or administration career pathways in sport. Students formally apply to be involved in the program by submitting a letter of recommendation from a coach, teacher or person involved in their sport interest from outside of school.

The program is conducted during Thursday Reality Group time, so it doesn’t impact on other curriculum areas. The program allows students the opportunity to build networks with coaches, sporting organizations and representatives from other high level programs. Our aim is to assist students who wish to gain a sport scholarship for Secondary school. Students involved in program “give back” to the school by running lunch time activities for other students.

Topics covered in the program include:

  • Components of fitness and types of sports conditioning.
  • Fitness and skill testing.
  • Specialised coaching in areas such as running and strength and conditioning.
  • Sports Psychology – Goal setting, Visualisation, Motivation, dealing with Anxiety and Meditation.
  • Sports Nutrition.
  • Sports Coaching and Umpiring principals.
  • Periodization - preparing for competition, competition and recovery.
  • Basic Injury Rehabilitation and Prevention.
  • Careers and pathways in sport.


We thank our program sponsor PermaSafe Asbestos Solutions for their support in 2020.


Athlete Development RoadMap