A Message from the Principal

Silverton Primary School is situated in Noble Park North. It was designed as an Open Plan School and opened in 1977.  It contains five open flexible Learning Centres, as well as specialist facilities, around a central courtyard. Specialist facilities include learning spaces related to; the Learning Resource Centre (Library), Media Centre, Visual Arts, Gymnasium, Instrumental Music, Dance / Drama Studio, Robotics, EAL, LOTE – (Mandarin) and Science rooms. Physical features of the school include an undercover performance area, environmental pond study area as well as a school vegetable garden and hen house. Each Learning Centre also includes numerous outdoor learning areas.  The school has an extensive oval for the children to use, numerous playgrounds facilities catering for all ages, as well as synthetic hard court areas with markings for basketball, netball, tennis and volleyball. There is a well-equipped television studio, FM radio /sound recording studio and planetarium to compliment the style of learning that is fostered throughout the school.


Silverton Primary is committed to providing a learning environment and educational programs which will motivate, challenge and support students to become life long learners. The school aims to maximise student potential in a safe and caring community in which academic achievement, positive self esteem, cultural diversity and the rights of all are highly valued and respected. 


The school’s major focus is on teaching and learning with an emphasis on making the curriculum 'authentic'. Children accept responsibility for their own learning, along with learning through collaboration with peers and adults. Opportunities are also provided for students to pursue personal learning passions and negotiate their curriculum. The development of open-ended 'Inquiry-Based' learning is embedded into the practices across the school and 'Play Based' learning is entrenched in grades Prep-2 through 'Discovery Time'. These approaches build upon the idea that students are actively involved in learning and continually reconstruct understandings in light of experience. It encourages students to participate in active investigation and to integrate, rather than separate their knowledge, as they move from acquisition of facts to the development of deeper understandings.


The children are guided by caring and approachable teachers who are committed to a philosophy of developing a love of learning in all children. Dedicated to professional growth through ongoing professional development, our staff has high expectations of themselves and work collaboratively in teams to develop comprehensive teaching and learning programs. We strive to accommodate the individual needs of students with tailored programs especially for those students requiring extra assistance or specific extension.

As Principal, it is my hope that any visitor to Silverton Primary School can see this vision in action across all curriculum areas at any time.


I welcome new families to come and see the school at any of our advertised school tours or by contacting the school direct on 9795 5033.


Remember my door is always open to parents.


Amanda Prosser

@ 2021 Silverton Primary School