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2022 Start of Term 3 Update 8



Welcome Back 😊

We hope everyone has had a nice break over the school holidays and enjoyed some family time. We are looking forward to another fabulous term of learning and new experiences.


This term we welcome back Mrs Gahan (Miss Williams) in 56O on Thursdays and Friday.  We farewell Miss Griggs on the 22 July who has taken on a teaching job overseas in Scotland.  Safe travels Courtney!!  Ms Rebecca Storan will be her replacement in FI.

Congratulations to Mrs Diane Phillipson on your incredible service to education over 49 years.


Mrs Phillipson started her career in 1973 as a Student in Training at State College Melbourne. 


In 1983, Mrs Phillipson gained employment at Silverton Primary School.  


Mrs Phillipson / Di, your dedication, patience, and kindness will never be forgotten.  We could not have asked for a better teacher, colleague, and friend. 


 Thank you for everything and have a wonderful RETIREMENT. 


 You will be sadly missed by all.


 (Please note:  We will celebrate Mrs Phillipson as a school community later in the year)



2023 Enrolments

We are now accepting Prep Enrolments for 2023. If you have a child that is ready to start school in 2023, please complete an enrolment form (which can be found on the school website or at the office) and submit it to the school together with a copy of your child's birth certificate, immunisation certificate and any visa details that are relevant. Enrolment forms can be dropped off at the office or emailed to: enrolments@silverton-ps.vic.edu.au


Why Use Therapy Dogs In Schools?

Strategic use of Therapy Dogs in a school setting can contribute towards improving the overall wellbeing of students, that’s why I would like to introduce you to Barney who will be working with some Grade 1 and 2 students in Term 3.  




Last Thursday students met therapy dog Barney and Paw Pals facilitator Susie. We started by checking in on how we were feeling today using the picture prompts for help. Students got to learn about therapy dog Barney and listened to some safe ways to treat dogs. Students came together to put some agreed ways of working. Students came up with group name ideas and voted on the 4 ideas agreeing on “Silverton Paw Pals”. Students designed a team banner for the classroom wall. During this activity, some confident students were able to come up and pat Barney and take him for a walk which was a great achievement. The students gave Barney a treat and watched some of the skills he can perform. We finished with a book about Barneys life so far.



Don’t forget

  • Student Led Conferences on Thursday 21 July, make sure you have booked your appointment through Sentral. (click here for booking details)
  • Curriculum Day on Friday 22 July – students do not attend school on this day.

Oshcare program is available for anyone who needs the service.





To see upcoming events, please see the Sentral School Calendar here.

Mon 11th ALL Start of Term 3
Wed 13th PA Parent Association Meeting 6pm
Thurs 21st ALL

Student Led Conferences - NO SCHOOL

School Reports Published 6pm

Fri 22nd ALL Student Free Day - NO SCHOOL
Fri 29th  Foundation 100 Days of Prep
Tues 16th F - 2 Junior Athletics Day
Wed 17th  3 - 6 Senior Athletics Day