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End of Term 2 Newsletter


Silverton Primary School's End of Term 2 e-Newsletter


Dear Parents,


Final week of Term 2!!  It has been a term of change and challenge. I’m proud of how our community has navigated the experience so far. The two week break will provide everyone with a much needed opportunity to recharge.


Next Term, Miss Jessica Stewart will be replacing Mrs Selina Luong position in 12R on Mondays and Tuesdays. On behalf of the school community, we would like to wish Selina and her family all the best. 



Teachers are in the process of completing the Semester 1 reports for students. These reports are going to look very different to those in previous years, due to the time spent completing online learning at home. 


Report writing takes staff many out of school hours to complete and they also take a great deal of effort to complete. We are very grateful to our teachers for their dedication to completing these documents for our community members.


Semester 1 reports will be published on Wednesday 15 July on Sentral.  Student Led Conferences will be postponed at this stage. If parents have any questions after reading their child’s reports, they can contact the teacher by he Sentral Parent Portal or App, email or phone.



For me remote learning was both interesting and difficult to get used to. I found that there were advantages and disadvantages to being at home.

Remote learning was good because I didn’t have to wake up early and travel to school in the cold mornings. I could log on just before class and join in the meeting. I like how I am able to get something to eat whenever I was hungry and I could dress in whatever clothes I want and sit on my comfortable couch.

The good part about remote learning was that I discovered two new hobbies. They were playing volleyball and drawing. I like volleyball because it is fun and I like drawing because you can use your imagination and it can be very calming.

Remote learning was also difficult because sometimes my internet was slow, sometimes I could not hear properly, and I noticed I was easily distracted and I would sometime lose focus.

The disadvantages in remote learning was that I could not see my friends and I was not as motivated to work as when I am at school. Even though I had lots of freedom and lots of advantages during remote learning I much prefer to be able to go school so I can socialize and have fun with friends and get more work done consistently.

As you can see, there are lots of good and bad reasons for remote learning and everyone will have a different experience, but in my opinion I prefer to go to school to have a good learning routine and to be able to meet my friends. Although, there are some days when I don’t feel like going to school and I wish I could remotely learn from home. I wish the school may give us both options in the future.  (Cayden)


Recently the students of Silverton Primary School have returned from the quarantine regarding the covid-19 with smiles on their faces, however, not many of us shared the experiences we had in the isolation, which is why I, Una from 5/6L am writing this article!

My quarantine started like that of most others, a tender last day of school and then going into the great unknown of online learning. At first I was hesitant about the whole online learning situation, especially since the teachers and students didn’t have a whole lot of time to prepare but I think the teachers did an amazing job organizing the best that they could. It was strange not going back after the holidays as now we would have to turn our focus to this whole new way of learning, it was a bit daunting, overwhelming at times but after the first week or so everything started to get pretty comfortable. Then came the second week, and then…. The assignments. Ah yes, one of the hardest parts of the entire isolation. The teachers paid much respect to the students, doing many surveys to see how we were feeling as well as providing help in the best way they could, I could definitely say that I had gotten a lot closer to some of the teachers during this experience! With having so much time on our hand I believe I can speak for many students when I say that we discovered plenty of new hobbies to keep us entertained. I for one, started painting and managed to finish an art piece, perhaps if any readers of this article come along to our art show they’ll get to see it. At times quarantine was lonely, of course it was! And that’s okay, being cooped up in your room at most times of the day can make you feel all sorts of emotions, this can happen even out of quarantine! That’s normal too. Don’t ever be afraid to speak to our teachers or even one of the captains if you are feeling stressed or just need some help. Even though it was lonely it made coming back to school just that much better! Despite what you might have been feeling during those times, I can safely say that isolation has been an experience to remember.  (Una)



Families can now access free expert parenting advice through the online Triple P – Positive Parenting Program.

The program is relevant to families with children between 2 and 16 years and provides strategies to deal with specific challenges, such as building children’s resilience and dealing with conflict.


There are courses specifically for parents of toddlers to tweens, and for parents of pre-teens to teens.


It gives parents strategies to:

  • raise happy, confident kids
  • manage misbehaviour so everyone in the family enjoys life more
  • set rules and routines that everyone respects and follows
  • encourage positive behaviour
  • take care of themselves as a parent
  • feel confident they’re doing the right thing.

Sign up to the Triple P program via their website.


As the year rolls on, we are keen to ensure that all of our current families have their Foundation/Prep students enrolled for 2021. These enrolments allow us to plan for next year which includes our ability to keep all class sizes as small as possible.


We continue to aim to keep our Foundation classes to below twenty as we strive to give children the best possible start to their education. Therefore it is highly important for us to have an idea as to how many students may be enrolling at our school for next year.


If you know of a neighbour or a relative who has a child that turns five before the 30th April 2021, please ask them to come to the office for an enrolment form or download one from our Silverton’s website.


We look forward to meeting all of our new families enrolling at Silverton and making them a part of our community.


I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday.


Important Dates

Thursday 25th June - Whole school Celebration Day - Free Dress
Kimandas - Pre-order special lunch. Open for window sales only. 

Friday 26th June - Last day of school - Please see change in time of departure.
2.15pm  (A-H)
2.25pm (I-P)
2.35pm (Q-Z)

Monday 13th July - Term 3 commences.


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Fairy Tale Day - LC1

Vacation Care

Please see the information for the June/July Vacation Care program here

FUSE Cup Fifa 20 Tournament - Silverton PS VS Ormiston College (Round 1)

On the 18th of June, a small group of Silverton students in Grade 5 faced off against their first opponent in the FUSE Cup Fifa 20 Online Tournament! Our team played 2 matches against Ormiston College which is located in Queensland! Click on the link below to find out how our matches went! ...Read More

School Banking back in Term 3

The Commonwealth Bank have informed us that School Banking will resume in Term 3. Banking is on a Monday.

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Silverton Students Inspired by VIS Virtual Speaker Program

Click here to read a recent article published by the Victorian Institute of Sport about their BeFITBeWell program and our own Silverton Athlete Development program.

Winter is here!

With Winter here and lots of mud and puddles. In these current circumstances we can't provide your child with a change of clothes.
Can you please ensure your child has a spare set of clothes in their school bag.

Fantastic Fungi

Grade 1/2 and 3/4 have been learning about Fungi around the school. ...Read More

Instrumental Program

Children in the instrumental program have had their performances recorded.
All families of these performers will receive an email with a link to watch the recording.

Make sure you have signed your child up for next Semester's Program

Olympian visits Silverton Virtually!

Olympic and Para-Olympic table tennis player Milly Tapper recently spoke to students in Silvertons Athlete Development program. ...Read More

NEW Sentral for Parents App!

Sentral have released a NEW and improved app! (YAY)

Please remove the old app and search for Sentral for Parents in your app provider and reinstall the updated version. ...Read More



Contactless Payments and Receipts

Due to the current climate the school is moving towards contactless payments and receipts.


We are encouraging all parents to pay either by direct deposit or via their credit card over the phone.  We are still accepting cash but due to parents not being able to attend onsite at the moment these are our preferred methods of payment.

School Direct Deposit Details
Account BSB: 063 244
Account Number: 0090 1052
Account Name: Silverton Primary School
Reference: 'Child's surname and activity'

Credit Card
Call  the office on 9795 5033 ext 1, have your credit card details on hand and advise what you are paying for.
Please note: your credit cards details are not stored at our School.



We are trialling contactless receipts.
All receipts are now being emailed to you.  
Please contact us if you need to update your email address and don't forget to check your junk/spam mail if you do not receive your receipt.

School Fees

School Fees are now due for term 3

Click here for information on school fees