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Sept 2018 Newsletter

Welcome to Silverton Primary School's new e-Newsletter.


What a busy term it has been. 

The students have been involved in many events this term, such as the Michael Salmon Author Visit, Kinder Visits, Hoop Time, Chess Tournaments, State School Spectacular just to name a few.

On behalf of the school community, we would like wish Miss Ashlee Heritage and Mrs Kelly Kittle all the best on their family leave. They will be replaced by Laura Galvin 1L and Lorinda Thompson PE.

The last day of school is Friday 21st September with an early finish at 2:30pm.


We hope you enjoy a restful break and see you back on Monday 8th October. 


Happy Reading.


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Upcoming Events


Sep 13/14/15 State School Spectacular
Sep 14 Sandown - Selected LC4 students
  Gymnastics - Grade 1/2
  Kinder Visit - Foundation V

Sep 17  

Chesterfield Farm Grade 1/2

Sep 19

Division Athletics

Sep 20

Chess Tournament - at school

Sep 21  

Footy Day – Whole School
Last Day of TERM 2:30pm finish

Oct 8th

First Day Term 4 8:50am start


Monday 5th November (Day before Melbourne Cup)
Thursday 20th December 
Final School Day for 2018 - Friday 21st December 1:30pm finish


Term 3 News 

Sick Bay Notifications

It is legisliation that we notify parents if a student bumps their head. We will send a notifcation via the Sentral Parent Portal which should pop up on your phone and Portal News Feed. If it is serious, we will call you.

School Communication

These are the 2 school email addresses:

silverton.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au         admin@silverton-ps.vic.edu.au

These are the 3 phone numbers:
9795 5033         9795 5018          9795 5210

Please ensure they are added to your contact lists.

** Photography and Filming Consent Form **

Thanks to those that have already filled out the Photography and Filming Consent Form.  If not, please fill out the consent form at the below link.


Photography and Filming Consent Form


Please fill it out if you authorise or do not authorise so we can keep your response on file.

Valuable Learner of the Month

Congratulations Jenaya Ngoma 12
This Months Valuable Learner of the Month for Well Balanced.


...Read More

Other News

Reading Tips

Reading Tips for Parents By Ana Kitharidis   Read to or listen to your child read every day (between 10-20 minutes)   Tip 3:  'Keys' to unlock words   What do I do if my child gets stuck? Pause     Give waiting time (up to 5 secs) for the child

...View More

Parents Association

We have been busy this term with the Father's Day stall and Pizza Night and the LC4 Kitchen has been installed.


UPCOMING EVENTS: Hot Dog Day Friday 21st Sept

Trivia Night - Saturday 27th October 7pm

View More...




Many local Business are running School Holiday Programs. See link below for details.

School Holiday Programs

Greater Dandenong Children's Festival
22nd September to 7th October. See video below for details

Kelly Sports - Sporty Spring Fun

Kelly Sports is offering an afterschool program at Silverton on Thursday nights from 11 Oct to 13th Dec from 3.25 to 4.25pm. Click for Enrolment Form