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August Newsletter


Welcome to Silverton Primary School's new e-Newsletter.

We have launched a new website and with that, a new e-Newsletter. This newsletter will include our usual updates on events and news at Silverton, with the option of clicking for more details.


We are always happy for feedback and it is a work in progress, so please bear with us as we make adjustments.

When you click into an article, please click BACK on the browser bar to return the this newsletter.


Meanwhile, Happy Reading.



Upcoming Events

Aug 17

Junior Hooptime  - Grade 3/4

Aug 24

Play The Silverton Way – Foundation 2019

Aug 30  

Rugby Gala Day – Selected Students 

Sep 6    

District Athletics Day – Selected Students

Sep 7

Kids Teaching Kids Conference - Selected Students
Senior Hooptime – Grade 5/6

Sep 10  

Author - Michael Salmon visiting

Sep 14

Sandown - Students on Track - Selected Students

Sep 17  

Chesterfield Farm Grade ½

Sep 21  

Footy Day – Whole School
Last Day of TERM 2:30pm finish


Monday 5th November (Day before Melbourne Cup)
Thursday 20th December 

Term 3 News 

School Communication

These are the 2 school email addresses:

silverton.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au         admin@silverton-ps.vic.edu.au

These are the 3 phone numbers:
9795 5033         9795 5018          9795 5210

Please ensure they are added to your contact lists.

** Photography and Filming Consent Form **

Thanks to those that have already filled out the Photography and Filming Consent Form.  If not, please fill out the consent form at the below link.


Photography and Filming Consent Form


Please fill it out if you authorise or do not authorise so we can keep your response on file.


Regular School Updates 

Reading Tips

Reading Tips for Parents By Ana Kitharidis   Read to or listen to your child read every day (between 10-20 minutes)   Tip 3:  'Keys' to unlock words   What do I do if my child gets stuck? Pause     Give waiting time (up to 5 secs) for the child

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Parents Association News

  Silverton Fundraising Update Silverton Primary School's Parents Association has a long history of working with the school's leadership and staff team and community to raise funds which go towards school improvements. In recent years these have included upgrades to the outdoor play

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YouTube Clips

Here are a range of YouTube Clips from events and around Silverton.                          

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