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February 2020 Newsletter


Welcome to Silverton Primary School's e-Newsletter.

Welcome back to 2020. 

I would like to welcome all our new and returning students and their families to our wonderful school again this year.  The children look so happy and excited to be back at school, mixing with their friends, meeting their teachers and ready to learn. Thanks for all you have done at home to make sure they are ready for the school year. We all look forward to another great year at Silverton.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Adam Heard for showing initiative over the holidays by organising a bake sale at Bunnings for the Zoos Victoria Emergency Bushfire Wildlife Fund. The response from the school community to Adam’s idea was amazing. The stall raised $1060.25. 

During the first week of school Silverton’s 2020 captains addressed the students about Silverton’s three important things we as a whole school community are focusing on this year; Respect, Positive Relationships and Growth Mindset.  I was so impressed in their speech that I would like to share it with all of you here.

Below are a list of important dates. Please add them to your calendar. Dates are also on the Parent Portal and App. Here is the link Sentral Calendar


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Upcoming Events



Thurs 6th Foundation Meet'n'Greet BBQ 5:30 - 7:30
Tues 11th

Grade 1 -6 'Getting to know you' interviews 3:30-8pm

Book through Parent Portal/App

Fri 7th Kimanda's Welcome Lunch
24th - 26th  Grade 6 Camp


Wed 11th School Photos
25th - 27th Grade 4 Camp
Fri 27th End Term 1 - 2:30pm Finish


Mon 14th Start of Term 2

Full school calendar can be found here

Notices are published on the Sentral Parent Portal and App under the menu item "School Resources".

News Articles


School Communication

These are the 2 school email addresses:

silverton.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au         admin@silverton-ps.vic.edu.au

These are the 3 phone numbers:
9795 5033         9795 5018          9795 5210

Please ensure they are added to your contact lists.

2020 Parent Payment and Stationary Lists

The 2020 Parent Payment and Stationary Lists have been sent home.
Here is a link if you missed the notice.

Healthy Rubbish Free Lunches

At Silverton, the health of our students and environment are both very important to us, which is why we would like students to bring healthy rubbish-free lunches (nude food) to school. ...Read More

Getting to know you Interviews

Grades 1 to 6 teachers are holding 'Getting to know' you Interviews on Tuesday 11th February from 3:30pm to 8pm (10 minutes timeslots only).
Bookings can be made now through the Parent Portal and App, under the Student Led Conference menu item. ...Read More

Haven’t had your child’s eyes tested in a while? 

According to the Optometry Association of Australia, every person should get their eyes checked at least once every two years.

Full eye tests will be conducted at Silverton Primary School and be covered by Medicare.


...Read More

Sustainability at Silverton

At Silverton, we are working towards becoming a sustainable school. This means that we are trying to reduce our energy and water usage and the rubbish that we produce at school. ...Read More

Working Bee

We will be having a working bee on Saturday 15th of February from 9 am -12.00pm.

We will be weeding, mulching and cleaning up different sites around the school.


...Read More


In 2019 at Silverton, we worked hard to increase the biodiversity of our school grounds and have plans to continue this in 2020.  ...Read More

BYOD 2022 Laptop Program

Charges for Plan 2 and 3 have now been applied to your account.
Plan 2 - 4 payments of $50 = $200 per year
Plan 3 - 4 payments of $20 = $80 per year

Payments are now due for your child to have thier laptop returned. Remaining instalments are due at the start of each term.

COVID-19 update

At Silverton, we are following the guidelines provided by the Department of Education and Training regarding COVId-19 and Remote Learning.

Click here for the latest update from DET 13th April 2020 ...Read More


Parking around school

Please be aware of the street signs around the school when parking and abide by the rules. Also be mindful of our neighbours and do not block their drive ways.