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End of Term Newsletter

Welcome to Silverton Primary School's e-Newsletter.

Dear Parents,


With this being the last newsletter for Term Two I would like to take this opportunity to thank some special people who have worked very hard this semester to make our school so successful. Firstly we have a number of volunteers who help us each day with our Bridges program, Early Bird reading program and Breakfast Club. They have worked consistently to ensure our children are progressing in their learning and are ready to learn.  A “thank you” to our Parents Association who tirelessly work to ensure our children are given the best resources available. 


To our teachers and education support people I also send a special thank you. Whilst a lot of the work they do is part of their job requirements they all go that bit extra to ensure our children are given the utmost support. Many give up their own time to attend camps, excursions and seek out valuable external learning experiences for the children. Sometimes we take what they do for granted.


With Mrs Julie Fletcher going on family leave early next term sees a staffing change in Learning Centre 3, Miss Stephanie Webb will be 34L’s home group teacher.  


If you have any spare time tomorrow morning please come up to the school as we have many wonderful curriculum programs on display; performances in the gym, sport finals outside, chess in LC 5 and STEM in the back portable.  




It will be a busy time when we get back from our term break; Student Led Conferences, 25 July and Silverton’s School concert, 20 and 21 August.


Have a great break and keep warm.





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Upcoming Events



Wed 26th

Parent/Carer Get Together Morning

Thurs 27th

Chess Tournament

STEM Showcase

Performing Arts Showcase 5/6 9.30am 3/4 11:30am
District Finals for Interschool sports

Fri 28th

12E 12N Half 1R Casey Safety Village Excursion

Fri 28th


Last Day Term 2 - 2:30pm finish



Mon 15th

Term 3 Begins - 8:50am Assembly

Fri 19th

Netball Championships 5/6
LC3 3/4 Book Safari
Play the Silverton Way (for 2020 enroments who currently attend Heritage Preschool students)

Mon 22nd - Fri 26th

Sister School Visit

Thursday 25th

Student Led Conferences - NO SCHOOL
Students come to school for their conference only

Fri 26th

Foundation's 100 Days of School

Sat 27th

School Trivia Night - tickets available at the school office


Fri 2nd

Play the Silverton Way (for 2020 foundation enroments)

Tues 20th &
Wed 21st

          School Concert

2019 School Concert 

News Articles


School Communication

These are the 2 school email addresses:

silverton.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au         admin@silverton-ps.vic.edu.au

These are the 3 phone numbers:
9795 5033         9795 5018          9795 5210

Please ensure they are added to your contact lists.

Woolworths Earn & Learn Stickers

Between 1st May and 25th June 2019 our school will be collecting 'Earn & Learn' stickers.

A box will be at Waverley Gardens Woolworths and in the front office.

We will be able to redeem these stickers for musical instruments, maths equipment, sporting gear to science kits.

Important Reminders

Reminders and payments due in Term 3. ...Read More

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BYOD Laptop Program

If you take your laptop home can you please ensure you charge it overnight.

If there is any damage or the laptop if not working correctly, please notify your class teacher ASAP.


Immunisation Certificates

If you have not done so already this year, can you please provide an updated Immunisation Certificate for your child/ren. You can download it from your Medicare account, which can be linked to MyGov. Please email to admin@silverton-ps.vic.edu.au.


Parking around school

Please be aware of the street signs around the school when parking and abide by the rules. Also be mindful of our neighbours and do not block their drive ways.