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March 2019 Newsletter

Welcome to Silverton Primary School's e-Newsletter.

Dear Parents,

I would like to personally congratulate all the Grade 6 students on their great behaviour on camp last week. As a Principal it was nice to receive this kind of feedback from the camp’s owners and staff members. 

School Council

We received two nominations for the five parent positions on council, removing the need to have elections.  I would like to congratulate Olivia O’Connor and Stephanie Wellman on their reappointment to council to serve another term. 

Three nominations were received to fill three DET employee vacancies, again an election was not required. I welcome back Mark Pollard, Bianca Degering and Kristen McNair to school council.

We still have three parent vacancies. If any parents would like to join school council please contact the office or myself.

Road Safety Reminder

School drop off and pick up times are very busy with a great deal of traffic on Silverton and Jacksons Road. Parents and children need to make sure they use the school crossings where there is an attendant (Brian and Tony) on duty to help them cross the road safely. Helping children to understand how to keep safe is an important part of their learning. 

Personal Goods brought to School

Personal property is often brought to school by students, staff and visitors.  This includes mobile phones, electronic games, toys and sporting equipment.  The Department doesn’t hold insurance for personal property brought to schools and has no capacity to pay for any loss or damage to such property. 


Don’t forget no school on Monday 11th March, Labour Day.


For safety reasons, parents are reminded that our yard is not supervised before 8:45am-students should not be arriving at school before this time.  Before school care is available.

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Upcoming Events



Wed 6th

Foundation Start Full Time School

Fri 8th

Division Swimming

Mon 11th

No School - Labour Day

Fri 15th

Girls / Junior Chess Tournament

Sat 16th

School Open Day for 2020 Families

Wed 19th

Parent Morning

Fri 22nd

Parents Association - Outdoor Movie Night

Wed 27th - Fri 29th

Grade 4 Camp

Wed 27th

Regional Swimming

Fri 29th

Senior Chess Tournament


Fri 5th 

Term 1 ends 2:30pm

Tue 23rd

Term 2 Starts 9am

Thu 25th

ANZAC Day  - No School


Wed 1st

Open Night


News Articles

School Communication

These are the 2 school email addresses:

silverton.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au         admin@silverton-ps.vic.edu.au

These are the 3 phone numbers:
9795 5033         9795 5018          9795 5210

Please ensure they are added to your contact lists.

** Photography and Filming Consent Form **

Thanks to those that have already filled out the Photography and Filming Consent Form.  If not, please fill out the consent form at the below link.


Photography and Filming Consent Form


Please fill it out if you authorise or do not authorise so we can keep your response on file.

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School Banking

Due to Monday being Labor Day, School Banking will be moved to Wednesday 13th March.


Visitor Passes required

This is a reminder, if you are in the school between 9:15am and 3pm, you need to check in at the office. This is a Department of Education policy in case of an Emergency or Evacuation. 


Immunisation Certificates

If you have not done so already this year, can you please provide an updated Immunisation Certificate for your child/ren. You can download it from your Medicare account, which can be linked to MyGov. Please email to admin@silverton-ps.vic.edu.au.


Parking around school

Please be aware of the street signs around the school when parking and abide by the rules. Also be mindful of our neighbours and do not block their drive ways.