Gr 2 Sleepover and PJ Day

The Grade 2 students had fun sleeping at school for a night and were joined by the Grade 1's the next day for a fun Pyjama Day of activities.

At the Silverton Primary School Grade Two Sleepover, we played games, watched movies and most importantly had heaps of fun! Being around friends made me feel safe and not upset about not seeing my parents. Having a night with school friends was great practise for future camp trips and having more people around than just family members. It was also a chance to improve our social skills during activities such as: Tunnel ball, Musical statues and Musical chairs. In the morning we all had to pack up the mats and put them in piles, it didn’t take too long, so we didn’t mind. Rolling up the sleeping bags was not that easy but we got there in the end. On the menu at breakfast time was toast and cereal.

We had a fun and relaxing night with friends, for me personally I believe that it was an opportunity for students to get used to the fact that they don’t always have their parents with them, and even though they’re not there they can still have a lot of fun. Not everyone had had a sleepover before, but really enjoyed every second of the sleepover like I did. I would also like to say thank you to all of the staff members that helped with the sleepover. In my opinion I would love to have another sleepover just like that one.


By Poppy. T Grade 2

Learning Centre One’s Pyjama Day was so much fun!  I enjoyed decorating fluffy socks to wear at bedtime.  Design a pillow case competition was great as well.  The winners decorated a real pillow case to take home!

By Claire and Aneja