Rubbish Free Lunches

At Silverton, the health of our students and environment are both very important to us, which is why we would like students to bring healthy rubbish-free lunches (nude food) to school.

At Silverton Primary School, the environment is very important to us. That is why it is important for us to bring rubbish-free lunches. Rubbish-free lunches, also known as nude food, is basically food that does not contain any packaging. We are hoping to reduce the amount of rubbish that goes to  landfill by encouraging everyone to bring rubbish free lunches.

Most of the rubbish that is going into out bins at school are soft plastic wrappers, chip, chocolate, and snack food wrappers. We can no longer recycle these at school so all that plastic that goes in our school bins ends up in landfill where it will take hundreds of years to breakdown.

Another problem is that most of the litter found in our school ground are soft plastics coming from student snacks and lunches. This is making our school look messy. That is why we are encouraging Silverton students to bring rubbish free lunches.

We are also running a Rubbish Free Lunch Competition. Each learning centre is trying to be the learning centre that brings the most rubbish free lunches. The learning centre that has brought the most rubbish free lunches for the term will get a whole learning centre reward which the learning centre students will choose and then vote on.

Also, our Marine Ambassadors have chosen “Reducing Rubbish Going to Landfill and Littering” as their project for this year and have been running this initiative.

Please read their message below.

Thank you for your support.

Sustainability Committee.

Rubbish free lunches     

We should start packing rubbish free lunches because some students litter, and rubbish from our school goes into the drains, then out to sea. If we bring rubbish free lunches, there would be less rubbish going to landfill and less rubbish getting washed down to the ocean which is bad for sea animals.

Rubbish free lunches are also healthier, but even if you want to have a cheeky little unhealthy snack you can unpack it and put it in a container It is also cheaper to buy bigger packets of food and put them in re-useable containers. 

Rubbish is bad for the environment even if you put it in the bin, it can make its way to the sea life because landfill is a big pile of rubbish in the open so it can get blown away.  


From the Marine Ambassador’s  - Harriet and Eryn