Grand Finalists - FUSE Cup Just Dance E-sports Tournament 2023

Four Grade 5 girls represented Silverton Primary School at the 2023 FUSE Cup Just Dance E-sports tournament. Silverton Primary School would like to congratulate the girls on becoming grand finalists during their tournament! Read all about it by clicking on the link below!

On the 31st of March, four Grade 5 girls travelled to Haileybury (Keysborough campus) to represent Silverton Primary School in the FUSE Cup Just Dance E-sports tournament. With the FUSE Cup growing bigger each year with more schools competing, 6 divisions were created across Victoria: Melbourne Metro Primary, Melbourne Metro High, Melbourne Metro Senior, Melbourne West, Melbourne South and Geelong. Our girls competed in the Melbourne South Division against Haileybury (Keysborough campus), Haileybury (Brighton campus), Mentone Grammar, St Peter's College and Mater Christi College. There were a total of 36 students across 9 teams all eager to take home a win for their school and advance to the state finals in the Gold Coast!

After going through the rules, values and expectations, students were introduced to strategies to help them be more cyber safe and take more care of their digital wellbeing while gaming. These chats and educational opportunities are at the heart of what the FUSE Cup aims to achieve which is to show students that gaming can be a great way to connect socially and emotionally with others, but we must also be vigilant and know how to act when we are faced with anti-social and negative behaviours online. You can learn more about what the FUSE Cup does and how they operate through their website here.

The first round of dancing was split into 8 heats. Juliette, Maryama, Hayley and Kaviya were split across 4 of the heats and danced to 4 songs each. After each song, points would be accumulated based on how well the players timed their moves with the beat as well as their accuracy. Once all heats were done dancing to their 4 songs. Their individual scores were then added towards their team scores to determine who the top 6 teams were. Silverton PS made it through with a total combined score that placed us 3rd on the ladder. After a short break, the semi-finals began with the top 6 teams where each player had just only 1 song to display their skills and score as many points as possible!

Maryama, Juliette, Kaviya and Hayley were all very supportive of one another throughout the tournament. They danced along with their teammates even when it wasn't their turn to dance yet and encouraged each other to dance their best! Silverton PS would like to congratulate the girls for their high-level of sportsmanship and teamwork throughout the event! Their cheers and effort definitely did not go to waste as they advanced through to the grand finals alongside 3 other teams. The grand finals consisted of 4 schools: Haileybury, Mater Christi College, Mentone Grammar and Silverton Primary School. Similar to the semi-finals, each member of the team had 1 song to dance to and once all 4 songs were done, the winner would be determined by adding up every member's scores from the semi-finals and the grand finals.

A special congratulations to Maryama for achieving the 2nd highest individual score during the tournament and to the team for making it all the way to the grand finals and being crowned grand finalists of the 2023 Just Dance E-sports tournament hosted by The FUSE Cup!