Pond Renovation

Our pond is back and is looking great.

Glenn our maintenance person has re lined the pond with a very tough material and rearranged the rocks and sleepers for better access for students.

A path around the pond has been lined with indigenous plants to create a frog friendly habitat.

Most of the plants were donated from Southern Dandenongs Community Nursery and we thank them for their ongoing support. All we have do now is wait until they grow and for the minibeasts, frogs and lizards to find their way to it.

Students have already spotted dragon flies and damsel flies hovering around looking for a perfect place to lay their eggs.

Students in grades one to four have been learning about minibeasts and aquatic macroinvertebrates and how the presence of these creatures are an indication of how clean or polluted the water is.

Students looked for aquatic macroinvertebrates in samples of creek water from three different locations and used identification charts to identify them.