ICAS 2022

Silverton Primary School would like to congratulate our students for their outstanding performance in achieving a Merit, Credit, Distinction or High Distinction on the ICAS Mathematics, English and Science assessments. Click below to see a list of the students.

ICAS Mathematics Merit

Year 3 Student: Hicham Harmon

Year 5 Students: Ishaan Bangalore, Arnold Yang and Joshua Francis

Year 6 Students: Allan Chhin, Lucas Ke and Isabelle Huynh


ICAS Mathematics Credit

Year 3 Student: Chelsea Ke

Year 4 Students: Alex Hunter, Henry Procter, James Meyer, Luna Kovacic and Rick Luo

Year 5 Students: Eric Dutulescu, Ivan Joshi, James Li and Kulan Hiswella

Year 6 Students: Divanshu Kumar, Tanish Oak, Tina Bui, Tim Ngo and Jack Procter


ICAS Mathematics Distinction

Year 2 Student: Reyansh Dedhia

Year 6 Student: Aayush Oak

ICAS English Merit

Year 5 Student: Eric Dutulescu

Year 6 Student: Ava Giannopoulos


ICAS English Credit

Year 3 Student: Chelsea Ke

Year 4 Student: James Be

Year 5 Students: Kulan Hiswella, James Li and Ivan Joshi

Year 6 Students: Divyanshu Kumar, Aayush Oak, Tanish Oak and Daniel Uduman


ICAS English Distinction

Year 3 Students: Thomais Tekes and Layal Osman

Year 6 Student: Isabelle Huynh

ICAS Science Credit

Year 2 Student: Reyansh Dedhia

Year 3 Student: Thomais Tekes

Year 5 Student: Joshua Francis


ICAS Science High Distinction

Year 6 Student: Ivan Joshi