On the 17th of November, Raaga in Grade 5 represented Silverton Primary School and Victoria as its state champion at the FUSE Cup Australian National Mario Kart Championship. After 4 intense races against the other state champions, Raaga took home the victory to claim the title of national champion!

After winning the Mario Kart state tournament against 8 different schools on the 5th of August, Raaga was invited to participate in the national championship and play against the other state champions around Australia on the 17th of November. This was conducted online with schools video calling through Microsoft Teams. The grand prix chosen for the national championship was Lighting Cup which contained 4 maps: Tick Tock Clock, Piranha Plant Slide, Grumble Volcano and the Nintendo 64 Rainbow Road.

There were a total of 3 state champions that participated in the primary school division. Aside from Raaga representing Silverton Primary School and Victoria, we had Ormeau State School and Corpus Christi College representing Queensland and Western Australia respectively. Across the 4 races, Raaga finished 1st in Tick Tock Clock, 3rd in Piranha Plant Slide, 1st in Grumble Volcano and 1st in Rainbow Road. With a 4 point difference, Raaga came out on top to become 'The FUSE Cup Mario Kart National Champion of 2022'!

Although Raaga achieved an incredible feat, he was not the only state champion to represent Silverton and Victoria at a FUSE Cup event! Nyanyuot in Grade 6 became the solo state champion in Just Dance on the 18th of March. She played against 6 other solo champions across Australia: Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College (NSW High School Champion), Corpus Christi College (WA Primary School Champion), Investigator College (SA Primary School Champion), Ormeau State School (QLD Primary School Champion), Forest Lake State High School (QLD High School Champion) and Catholic Regional College North Keilor (VIC High School Champion).

Nyanyuot and the other state champions had to dance to 3 songs in total and add up their scores to see who got the most points. Out of all the schools, Nyanyuot got the 5th highest score! Silverton would like to congratulate Nyanyuot on her achievement in becoming the 5th best Just Dance player in Australia of 2022! Across the whole day, there were a total of 19 schools across New South Wales, Western Australia, South Australia, Queensland and Victoria that had teams representing their state at the national level for either Mario Kart, Just Dance or Rocket League. Congratulations to everyone that participated and represented not only their school, but also their state during the 2022 FUSE Cup National Tournament!

If you'd like to know more about 'The FUSE Cup' feel free to click on this link here: https://www.thefusecup.com.au/