2022 FUSE Cup Mario Kart Online Champions

On the 19th of October, Silverton PS participated in the FUSE Cup Mario Kart Online Tournament and skillfully took 1st place against schools across Australia and Asia-Pacific! Congratulations to Tina and Muxi in Grade 5 and 6 on their victory!

Tina and Muxi were joined by Raaga and Jack from Grade 5 and 6 in representing Silverton Primary School in the online Mario Kart tournament. The races were played in pairs with students taking turns racing. Raaga and Jack paired up for the tournament while Tina and Muxi formed Silverton's second pair in the races. Both teams dominated their respective group stages and made it all the way to the grand finals. They played against Ivanhoe Grammar and one other school. Raaga and Jack finished in 3rd place in the grand finals while as Tina and Muxi finished in 1st place! They both received a FUSE Cup medal and jersey as prizes. In addition, they each got a Logitech gaming keyboard to take home as well!

Silverton PS would like to thank The FUSE Cup for facilitating and organising this online tournament. If you would like to find out more about The FUSE Cup, please feel free to click on this link here: https://www.thefusecup.com.au/