Hero Day

On Wednesday 25th May we had a School House Day inspired by Reuben Cullen's book "A Hero Born".

Silverton Primary School Hero Day 2022

On Wednesday 25th of May, Silverton had a School House day. This day was heavily inspired by the author, Reuben Cullen. He was invited to come and talk to us about his new book called, “A Hero Born.” His book was all about being a hero, what a hero is and the qualities of a hero. All activities were based on heroes. Meaning that, students from Silverton were asked to come dressed up as a superhero, or someone they admire. We participated in a lot of teams building games, such as guided bowling, human knots and other fun activities in LC4. 

If you would like to check out Reuben’s website here is the link: https://reubencullenkids.com

We would like to thank Mrs Donnellan and the LC4 teachers, Reuben Cullen and a few of the Grade 6 Captains. Thank you so much to everyone we mentioned for organising this fun day. We all really enjoyed it.

Written by Ava Giannopoulos and Niki Vergaki.