Our Connection to the Ocean

This term in Science, students in Grade Three and Four have been investigating our connection to the ocean.

 They walked around an art exhibition of ocean pictures, paintings and famous quotes. (In the Science room)

Their task was to look at each exhibit and record how each one shows our connection to the ocean.

 Below are some examples of what they wrote.

Imagine in the future in the younger generation we tell them how important the ocean use to be but now it is no more, and they do not believe us, the whole point is that the ocean has so much life! And so much to learn about and people who love learning about the ocean may lose their passion. 

 Sufia 3/4R


They are littering microplastics and it's even worse than plastics because it can fit in fish’s mouths

 Jamie 3/4R


Our connection to the ocean is that we are not a wave, and we are part of the ocean because of many reasons, such as, some of our jobs, our culture and our religion. 

 Chelsea 3/4R

Our ways of using microplastics is terrible because some people put it in their face creams and when they wash it out it goes down the drain into the ocean and the little fish eat them and di. 

 Juliette 3/4I

People have a spiritual connection to the ocean through animals that they think are gods 

Eryn 3/4I


The ocean calms us down when we are really mad.  Adam 3/4I


  • Some people fish to get food BUT WHEN PEOPLE FISH TOO Much they get animals out of the ocean then the ocean animals are decreasing.
  • We relax in the beautiful view of the ocean and makes us feel peaceful and relaxed it make us happy.

Deeva  3/4I


The ocean travels around the planet and connects with every country every state it’s a never-ending place. Marley 3/4I

Because of us throwing trash in the water, the animals in water are getting stuck in the trash and some of the water animals are getting stuck and dying. Ping 3/4I


I hate that other people just throw away their own rubbish in random places instead of putting it in the bin.  Ashton 3/4I


Our rubbish affect the animals in the ocean and it also affect the food we eat, which means that some fish that ate rubbish will end up on our plates, then if consumed, it will make us sick.

 James Bb 3/4V


The weather is connected to the ocean because of the water cycle. Sebastian 3/4V


Stories, music and art inspire kids to be marine biologist and want to learn more about the ocean Ayo   3/4V

We are all a part of the ocean, but we are not a wave we are a part of the ocean because we use the ocean to live.  Jacob 3/4V


It is the sound of the ocean but like an infinite toilet flush.  Hunter 3/4V


There is litter in the ocean, and we need your help .Aksha 3/4V


“You are not a wave you are are part of the ocean”. When I hear that quote, I think of why we should take more care of the ocean and put matters into our own hands.  Isla S 3/4V


It’s connected to the ocean because fresh air is mostly from the sea plants in the ocean/water. 

 Luna 3/4L

Calming because the waves look smooth and relaxing.  Shaayera 3/4L

I feel bad because so much oil spreads out and so many species die because of the poisonous oil.  Zayaan 3/4L


I feel calm around the waves, and it just feels nice around the ocean. Munir  3/4E

We are part of the ocean because we are 70% water.  Gazza 3/4E


Every one of the artist’s paintings that he made, has the picture of Mount Fuji in it.  Henry 3/4E

Picture 7 makes me feel happy because people reading books of the ocean little kid will learn about the ocean.  Levi 3/4E