GRAND FINALS - Teachers' FUSE Cup Online Tournament

Mr Tang advances into the Grand Finals after a close and exhilarating race in the semi-finals! Read about what went down through the link below and how you can watch the Grand Finals LIVE!

On the 11th of April at 8:30pm local time, 7 racers faced off in the semi-finals to determine who would be the top 3 to advance into the grand finals! 4 maps were chosen by random and off they went! The racers and their names are displayed in the above image including Mr Tang (a.k.a Tangerz). If you would like to watch the race again or missed out on the live stream, you can watch it below here!

Here were the results (points are given and calculated after each race to determine the top 3):

1st race:
Tangerz (1st - 15 points)
Al Tamsah (2nd - 12 points)
Fry11 (3rd - 10 points)
HaHaHa (5th - 8 points)
Simboslice (6th - 7 points)
Jnxyz (8th - 5 points)
Rossman (9th - 4 points)

2nd race:
Al Tamsah (1st - 27 points)
Tangerz (2nd - 27 points)
Fry11 (3rd - 20 points)
simboslice (4th - 16 points)
HaHaHa (5th -16 points)
Jnxyz (7th - 11 points)
Rossman (9th - 8 points)

3rd race:
Al Tamsah (1st - 42 points)
Tangerz (2nd - 39 points)
Jnxyz (4th - 20 points)
simboslice (6th - 23 points)
HaHaHa (7th - 22 points)
Fry11 (8th - 25 points)
Rossman (10th - 11 points)

4th race:
Tangerz (1st - 54 points)
Al Tamsah (2nd - 54 points)
Fry11 (3rd - 35 points)
simboslice (4th - 32 points)
Rossman (5th - 19 points)
Jnxyz (7th - 26 points)
HaHaHa (8th - 27 points)

As you can see, it was a very intense tug-of-war between Tangerz and Al Tamsah who both finished with 54 points after the 4 races trading 1st and 2nd place. As stated earlier, the top 3 will advance into the Grand Finals which means Tangerz, Al Tamsah and Fry11 will play off with the other semi-final winners: Bubblegumc, Tomstrife and Kimmers. If you would like to watch how the other semi-final group did, click on this link here.

The Grand Finals will be streamed live on Saturday the 11th of April at 8:30pm (the link is below). Please support the competition by liking, following and sharing The FUSE Cup through these social media platforms and to support Mr Tang in the Grand Finals!





YouTube (where the live stream will happen):

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