SEMI FINALS - Teachers' FUSE CUP Online Tournament

Mr Tang represented Silverton Primary School in the Teachers/Parents Online FUSE Cup tournament and managed to advance to the semi-finals! Read all about what's happened so far and how you can watch the semi-finals LIVE by clicking on the link below!

The FUSE Cup is a nationwide esports (electronic sports) competition aimed at younger students between Grade 5 and Year 8. Due to the concern around COVID-19, our face-to-face competition was postponed indefinitely and a friendly online tournament was held for the students to participate in. If you have not read about how our students dominated the online tournament, please follow this link.

While the students trained and honed their skills amongst the 28+ schools all around Australia, a lot of the teachers themselves showed interest in wanting to participate in an online tournament too! The FUSE Cup organisation hosted a tournament for parents and teachers over the school break. A total of 22 participants eargerly joined in on the fun. When the 3rd of April came around, the first heat kicked off through a live stream on YouTube which you can watch below.

The 4 racers that participated in the tournament were Noam Sane, Crackers, Pondering Dan and Tangerz (Mr Tang). The rules were simple: 4 races will be played with random maps. There were also 7 computer controlled racers and The Fuse Cup host who streamed the event. Only 2 players who scored the most points got to advance to the semi-finals. Here were the results:

1st race:
Tangerz (1st - 15 points)
Noam Sane (6th - 7 points)
Crackers (8th - 5 points)
Pondering Dan (9th - 4 points)

2nd race:
Tangerz (1st - 30 points)
Noam Sane (2nd - 19 points)
Crackers (3rd - 15 points)
Pondering Dan (8th - 9 points)

3rd race:
Tangerz (1st - 45 points)
Crackers (2nd - 27 points)
Noam Sane (3rd - 29 points)
Pondering Dan (4th - 18 points)

4th race:
Tangerz (1st - 60 points)
Crackers (3rd - 37 points)
Pondering Dan (4th - 27 points)
Noam Sane (10th - 32 points)

While accumulating points for each map, the two highest scoring participants that made it through to the semi-finals were Tangerz with a total of 60 points and Crackers with a total of 37 points! Congratulations to Mr Tang for a brilliant show of ability who managed to hold onto 1st place throughout all four maps!

From then on, 6 other heats were conducted to determine who would advance into the semi-finals. The 14 racers that made it through are pictured above. The racers will be split into 2 groups of 7 and only the top 3 racers from each group will advance to the grand finals! The first group will race on Thursday the 9th of April while the second group will race on Friday the 10th of April. Both races will happen at 8:30pm. If you do not have time to watch both races and would like to watch and support Mr Tang (a.k.a Tangerz), he will be playing on Friday against Rossman, Hahaha, Al Tamsah, Jnxyz, Simbo Slice and Fry 11.

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